Can Resifan be installed on an irregular floor?

Resifan copies the base on which it´s installed. We advise bases to be in perfect condition before installation ( before resifan is applied).

Is it possible to cover an existing bathtub with Microcement?

Yes, you may cover many materials even a glass sink. Major changes can be made to your bathroom without demolition.

Can we renew a piece of furniture with Microcement?

Yes, lots of furniture can be covered with MicroCement. Actually we do IT ALL THE TIME tables, chairs, shelfs, etc.

Can you cover existing tiles with microcemento and make joints between these disappear?

Microcemento can be APPLIED TO: tiles, wood, plaster, marble, concrete, cement, among others. One of its main attributes is the possibility of covering tiles. You can refurbish a bathroom or a kitchen in a short period of time without removing existing surfaces.

Does microcement require any maintenance?

We highly recommend maintenance of all surfaces coated with Microcement, especially floors. Depending on its final use. WITH Microcemento applied to floors for in your home, we recommend a mopping the floor every day and waxing once a month. Microcement should be cared FOR as a natural wooden floor. It is recommended not do drag heavy or sharp objects, and refrain from using abrasive products.

Have a kitchen floor can be covered with microcemento?

Yes, and it’s necessary to keep it with wax to create a protective film of products commonly used in it.

Do the microcemento need together?

Microcemento Edfan don’t need them. If the basis on which it will be placed them, the same shall be respected.

Is the microcemento equal to the Venetian plaster?

No, it is not the same similar aesthetic, but Venetian plaster is lime-based and is can not be used in soils, or in wet areas. This has a cabado brighter and sharper than the microcement waters.

Does Microbeton support high transit?

Yes, we highly recommend the use of Micorbeton for commercial and public places with high traffic.

Can I make personalized disigns?

You can combine different colour pebbles achieving several design patterns.

What is the difference between Edfan Microcement and Smooth Concrete?

Smooth Concrete has a thickness of 50 to 70 mm (mola ser constant en las unidades de medida). It needs contraction joints and creates significant weight on the structure. It is usually placed in new buildings. Microcement Edfan is a thin cement coating, 2 mm THICK, which can be APPLIED TO existing surfaces. It does not require any joints and can be placed both horizontal and vertical. It is ideal for quick refurbishments, or remodeling or redecorating

Can I use salty water in my pool with Aquacrete?

No, only fresh water can be used.

Can Aquacrete be used in an old swimming pool?

Yes, Aquacrete can be used in an old swimming pool if it is in a good condition.

Can I use Thincrete on a House facade?

Thincrete can be placed vertically, both indoors and outdoors. On walls, fountains, facades, etc.

Do we need to maintain Revokolor on walls inside a house?

The MAIN benefit Revokolor has is its low maintenance. It is ideal for those areas what you do not want to paint year after year.