Rustic coloured cement paste, 2 to 3 mm thick.
Installed on floors, walls, stairs, galleries, courtyards and terraces.
Recommended for commercial and exteriors use.
High traffic.


Cementitious coating with colour for high-traffic 2-3 mm thick similar to concrete smoothing hand aesthetics. It is recommended for commercial and foreign applications.
You don’t need together.
It does not require lifting the existing.
It can be applied on folders of cement, smoothed concrete, ceramics, plaster, etc.
Stairs and steps can also be covered.
Outside the MicroBeton can be finished with a soft texture or style to give a non-slip finish.
Its placement is performed exclusively by specialised and trained personnel.
Rapid placement.
Variety of colors available: 20 colors standard and 14 special colors, which also can be combined among themselves.
Its maintenance is very simple.


The selection of the colours of this letter is for reference and approximate actual colors as much as possible. Definitive color can vary with respect to the colours of this letter.
We advise you strongly to visit our showroom and see color samples to determine the actual appearance of the same.
Formulation of special colors on request




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