Cement based textured facade coating.
Paris Stone like finish.
Residential and commercial use.


Fine plaster textured with 3-4 mm thick cementitious base color. Textures stone Paris and Morelia.
Installation is simple and is done with traditional tools and methods.
One-step replaces the fine plaster, plastered and painting, saving time and costs.
It does not require painting.
Applicable on hairstyles thick plaster and fine plaster. In the latter case, before the primer reinforce could be placed.
It can be placed on Interior and exterior walls.
Or not it can be sealed with sealant reinforce.
It is washable with water.
Variety of colors.
Display mode: bags x 27.20 kg
Performance of the stock market: 7 to 9 m2 depending on the conditions of the bases.


The selection of the colours of this letter is for reference and approximate actual colors as much as possible. Definitive color can vary with respect to the colours of this letter.

We advise you strongly to visit our showroom and see color samples to determine the actual appearance of the same.