Stone decorative flooring coating.
Installed on all type of bases.
Uses: trails, galleries, accesses.


Decorative stone floor covering.
Mortar composed of selected stones and Resifan EDFAN.
Areas of application: roofs or passable terraces, paths, patios, paths, galleries, garages, warehouses, private spaces, etc
Basis of application: cement portfolios. Mainland, tile roof, roof membrane.
It does not require gaskets.
Draining water.
It allows flexibility in design. You can combine different colors of stones with different designs, or merge are strips of aluminum or stainless steel.
Quick installation and release to traffic.
For indoor and outdoor use.
Easy cleaning.


Stones colors: Alpe green, red, white and grey
The selection of the colours of this letter is for reference and approximate actual colors as much as possible. Definitive color can vary with respect to the colours of this letter.

We advise you strongly to visit our Showroom and see color samples to determine the actual appearance of the same.