For designers

If you are an architect or a designer and looking for new solutions to organize the surroundings or to get rid of the limitations connected with the use of ready-made patterns and well-known products-we encourage you to acquaint yourself with our offer. We recommend you use the following products to arrange the interiors and the surroundings:

• Microcement – absolutely universal material 1-2 mm thick (it can be used to cover a wall, floor, a bathroom or kitchen countertop),it imitates the texture of raw concrete, wonderfully boosts the warm structure of wood and the coldness of steel, it is worked easily enabling achieving the desirable shape and it adds character to each interior. It has perfect adhesion. It can be used indoors or outdoors. Easy to maintain.

• Microconcrete – allows to maintain the continuity of different adjoining surfaces ,very resistant to wear,2-3 mm thick, practical and durable. Recommended for usable and residential surfaces, all places where antislip qualities are as important as the esthetics-terraces, pools

• Resifan – very smooth, having industrial appearance and antislip qualities .Elasticity of resin, facility of finishing.

• Piedrex – the effect of a stone floor, possibility of application also in residential interiors(visit our photo gallery to see that it is possible),enables great flexibility in designing (splendidly and impressively combines with aluminum strips and stainless steel, variety of colors allows to join stones in a multitude of colors)
Sublime elegance, simplicity, innovativeness, durability and no limitations – these are the advantages noticed by everyone who has decided to use our products.

For contractors

If you run a firm dealing with finishing commercial surfaces(such as:shops,hotels,laboratories,restaurants,workshops,manufacturing halls, warehouses)and residential interiors,if you seek interesting solutions for most demanding clients or you look for materials which are durable, have universal application, are efficient and easy to use-read the offer of our products.

• Microcement – does not require special tools, easy to apply ,easy to work, placed properly will bind with surfaces such as: concrete, marble, mosaic, tiles ,steel, plaster and even wood. It can be used for floors with floor heating.

• Microconcrete – can be placed on existing surfaces, perfect adhesion and easy to work. It can be used on floors with floor heating.

• Resifan – easy to use (does not require removing the existing surface),one coat, self-levelling, quick dry, resistant to wear, having perfect adhesion and resistant to aggressive chemicals(some acids, alkali and solvents)-take our advice, we will tell you how to obtain such an effect.

• Piedrex – the effect of a stone floor, easy to apply, quick dry, does not require a smooth surface. It can be used on terraces, paths of frequent use, on steps, etc

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